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Matt Burns

A bit about me

My obsession with the web started out in high school, when I would spend my Saturdays helping out at my local computer store.

I got my first real full time job in a call center selling small micro websites to local business. A role which I soon managed to parlay into a role building the sites instead of selling them.

This is where I got my first taste of SEO. These micro-websites were intended to rank well for certain terms, and it was my job to make that happen.

Over the years that followed, I worked in various digital marketing roles. Once at a major SEO firm as a Techincal SEO Analyst and later at a small creative digital agency where we specialised in helping small, often start-up phase, ecommerce companies to expand their online reach.

In all of these roles, my technical background and Computing degree helped me to collaberate effectively with the development teams to deliver marketing team objectives.

During my time at The Distance Agency, one of my tasks was to work with the lead back end developer to create our own proprietary reporting software to help the marketing team better understand lifetime customer values and other key metrics.

Working closely with a lot of tallented developers over the years, I've gradually come to realise that actually creating and building things is what really gets me out of bed. I've been teaching myself the basics of front end development, and you can check out my github profile, or read more about my recent projects below.

A (brief) work history


ESL Teacher - York English

Fuzhou, China


Marketing Coordinator - The Distance Agency

York, UK

2013 - 2013

SEO Analyst - Web Marketing Group

Harrogate, UK


Marketing Assistant - Autoweb

Selby, UK

Some stuff I've built

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(A front end project)




A full front end ecommerce store. Read more.

To Do List App

(A portfolio staple)




Beautifully organised, wonderfully simple. Read More


(A JS game)


My remake of an old school classic. Read more.